Do you invest whole-hearted way too fast?

Learn how to take a step back and look at the whole with this “1" simple reminder

Unsplash — Luiz Guimaraes

“From Rusticus….I learned to read carefully and not be satisfied with a rough understanding of the whole, and not to agree to quickly to those who have a lot to say about something.” — Marcus Aurelius

When coming up with an idea or listening to our friend talk about a plan we are instantly invested, (1) because of course our ideas are great since we thought about them and (2) because we are only friends with people who are exceptional smart.

These examples are common fallacy we subject ourselves to amidst making judgement calls.

Before learning more about a subject we tend to jump head first into a situation based on previous experiences, good intuition or invest a good portion of our precious resources (time, effort & energy) bringing a dream of ours to life.

We tend to forego studying up on our notions because we justify our immediate action by saying things like, what if George Washington waited to attack the British on Christmas Day or what if Steve Jobs waited to release the first IPhone even without simple functions like copy or paste.

However both this men simply did not just act based on a notion or a gut feeling.

George Washington and his men crossed the Delaware on Christmas morning based on Washington fortified battle strategies. Throughout the war he had been known as a man to stick and run, he never wanted to be caught in a stall-mate or put his men in harms way unnecessarily.

The same goes for Steve Jobs, the man at times could be full of bluster and egotism, but, when it came to releasing the first IPhone he planned it down to the T. He knew he had to release it without certain features , it was his MVP (minimal viable product) that others would critique and he and his team could learn from.

These displays show that intuition is not the only thing, which, goes into life altering innovations or momentous actions.

We as rational beings, have to look at things as a whole before jumping whole-heartily. We must consider what can go right and what can go wrong, we must think about the implications and the damnations.

It might be sexy to think that some of the world’s most successful people reached their station in life through continuous action brought on by gut feelings. And, this might be true, but for a second don’t think that is all.

Once they have these amazing gut intuitions they then deliberate with a team, plot out the possibilities and then consider to take the leap. Upon taking the leap their initial gut instinct may turn out to be a failure, are you ready to accept this reality?

So remember before jumping in, test the waters, before investing yourself wholeheartedly or buying into a friend’s idea do some homework and sustain any knee-jerk reactions of being sold.



Vision — Shifting marketing from “zero-sum” games to “win-win” value add situations for consumers and entities.

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