Don’t believe in LUCK, believe in JUDGEMENT

The proper way to steady your life through everyday chaos

2 min readJan 16, 2019


Unsplash — Shawn Ang

The essence of good is a certain kind of reasoned choices; just as the essence of evil is another kind. What’s about externals, then? They are only raw material for our reasoned choice, which finds its own good or evil in working with them. How will it find the good? Not by marveling at the material! For it judgements about the material are straight that makes our choices good, but if judgement are twisted, our choices turn bad.” — Epictetus

When playing video games you are given a choice which, will immediatley shape the your experience and how you interact with the game environment. Good choices lead to you being treat as a hero by the surrounding environment and virtual community while bad choices make you out as villain, and rightfully so.

Believe it or not life puts these types of choices in front of us everyday.

Whether you decide to hold the door open for someone behind you, cut in front of someone on your way to work, slack on your duties and place the blame on someone else or decide to contribute your time or monetary value to a charity, every decision you make builds upon your character.

Now you may believe others are more susceptible to certain circumstances due to luck, however this is a false ideal. If you look deeper you will find, that person’s circumstances directly correlates with his “judgement” calls.

When talking about judgement, I do not mean how you judge another person or external factor.

The judgement you want to focus on is one that clearly draws a line between your perception of what it is just and unjust. Allowing you to take the confusion, duplicity and complication out of external events giving you the chance to make a clear and concise choice.

In today’s climate, where noise is so prevalent, you will benefit from making clear judgement calls, this way you remain a hero.




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