How to Stop Avoiding Things

The” 1" thing you need to remember when life gets hard

2 min readJan 17, 2019


For if a person shifts their caution to their own reasoned choices and the acts of those choices, they will at the same time gain the will to avoid, but if they shift their caution away from their own reasoned choices to things not under their control, seeking to avoid what is controlled by others, they will then be agitated, fearful, and unstable. — Epictetus

Have you ever tried to run from a problem, close yourself off from everyone especially the people causing you duress, or simply shutdown because things around were getting to hard to bear?

If you have, haven’t or considering doing at this very moment let me lend you some advice. It’ a waist of time, energy and effort.

Avoiding anything is simply not productive and will cause you more stress as time passes.

You may think, “all the things, people or circumstances surrounding me at this very moment are causing me extreme stress.” But, in reality the very person that shaped your current position is you and the only person who can change your current situation is you.

You may very well make the argument about predetermined circumstances like the color of your skin, where you were born, your parents and the list can go on and on.

You may very well blame each one of this things as why you aren’t successful, but when you look closely you are able to determine what is really holding you back.

A person’s judgement, may not be able to control certain predetermined and finite circumstances, however, how that person acts, uses reason towards situations and refuses to put themselves deliberately in harms way will determine their success or failure.

This outlines specifically why ,sound judgement calls, on everything small or large is imperative.

Using reasoned judgement will help you see clearly through issues, problems and situations and prompt you not to make the same mistakes twice.

So the next time your thinking about avoiding anything remember, the use of judgement will guide you through to a sound resolution allowing you not to waste anymore of your precious time.




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